Biophotons can be very scientific and complicated, but simply put – they are the prime factors of bio resonance therapy. With materials that are made from natural plant extracts and ecological friendly nanotechnology, Biophotons are placed in very specific points on the body. They feed the body the energy it needs to heal itself. Biophotons are not medicinal or indulgent products; they simply give energy for the body to repair itself – it doesn’t repair the body on its own. This is the most effective way and most powerful way of healing, because it eliminates mutations and any other problem due to the body healing itself.  Simply wear the products and your body will rejuvenate.

Biophotons are a quantum science. They deal with energy and frequencies. Everything vibrates at some frequency, and emits a wave of energy. The energy that nature emits is the most balanced and healthiest form of energy, the one which humans live and thrive on. When the body is in pain or something is wrong, nature can be used to feed the body the natural energy it needs to recover fast, all through the waves of energy biophotons emit.

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