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“Hua Shen” company is interested in developing trade network and offers all those willing to work a position of sales representatives and agents, regardless of yours country and city geographical location. You do not need special skills and knowledge. It is totally enough just to learn how to use informational and technical materials that we can provide you with. Jump to: Application for Distribution > for new Applicants or Confirmation of the Сontract > for existing Distributors – Register Your Contract on the site.

The marketing – plan of the company, developed on a scientific basis, has

– An ability to earn on retail sales and obtain an immediate income.

– An ability to create its sales network and get:

– High interest payments with an exception of contracts.

– Bonuses and awards according to the number of sales.

– Advancing within professional career.

– Monthly and semi-annual award fund on the basis of work results.

– Accumulation of funds for purposes of a guided tour, purchase of a car and real estate.

Possibility of earning through the Internet

By registering and signing contracts through huashenamerica online store and through our representatives, you can start your business on the Internet, using the latest technologies of sale and attracting customers. Working with us – you will be able to realize your potential, regardless of your age, employment and place ofresidence

We offer a qualitative telephone and e-mail informational support, online consultation via ICQ and IP phones; we provide an assistance in organizing seminars; we organize retail and wholesale distribution, including one run by an e-mail, while working with your customers from around the world.

In order to start working, it is necessary to:

1. Sign an official contract with “Hua Shen” company. A. Through the “Hua Shen” distributors. B. Through sale representatives of our online store. C. Through an online store.

2. Choose and pay for the production an amount of $ 120 USD as a full price will give you a 30% discount on the next purchase. Signing the contract through thehuashenamerica online store – gives you the status of our sale representative and additional benefits in organizing your trading network.

– We put your contact information in an open list of our regional representatives on all the websites.

– You get factual support, marketing information and other printed and video materials that are necessary in order to be informed and start working.

– You obtain advices and tips on running and developing your own trading network.

– You constantly receive information, technical support and consultations.

– You get the opportunity to control and sign contracts with your customers through our websites.

There are two kinds of tasks assigned to active distributors of “Hua Shen” company:

– Direct selling.

– Creating your own trade network and training other distributors.

Direct selling – meaning that you sale and receive a salary.

– Advantages of this way of working – it is a rapid receiving of “real” money, the possibility to fulfill current economic needs and difficulties, getting out of debts and credits. At the first stage, the majority of distributors create their networks in this particular manner. Direct selling is considered to be your “quick start”.

– Drawbacks of this way of working – as long as you sell, you receive the income. If the unexpected happens: illnesses, injuries and other factors that affect your sales – you remain without obtaining an income. It also has to be mentioned that each person while being in a specific period of time – can not sell.

A positive factor in marketing of “Hua Shen” is the very existence of opportunities to conduct direct sales. The choice is always yours.

Creating your own network – it is all about creativity, human qualities, ability to communicate and find common language with people.

– Advantages in creating your own network – this work and its development is independent from your direct participation. An adequate organization and trainingof your partners – is thought to be a key to successful development of the network and the guarantee of its long-term existence. The more developed distribution network is – the higher and more stable income its creator obtains.

– One drawback – creation of the network requires specified period of time, which currently people simply do not have. They have current financial needs that can not be postponed for six months or a year.

The solution from this situation – would be a parallel working in direct sales. The most efficient work, which brings the maximum and long-term income, lies precisely in the creation and organization of your own network.

An optimal option – it is a combination of two areas of work. Especially at the beginning, when you are experiencing financial difficulties or have some immediate desires. Never forget that while working in a single direction you will surely achieve great results, however a stable and permanent effect is achieved only in case of creating and developing the network.

“Hua Shen ” marketing provides two options: silver and gold sales network.

Silver network – in order to start creating your own network it is necessary to advice two customers – first-level representatives of the silver network.

Golden network – these are also customers recommended by you, whose number is unlimited.Your responsibilities includetraining your customers how to buildtheir own structures, assisting in the delivery of products, deciding on organizational questions and advising customers on their issues.

Premium for silver sales network

– When you find the first two customers, as first level representatives of its silver network – you get 15% ($ 18) from basic value of each contact.

– You get 10% ($ 12) out of the circulation within the ten levels of golden network, which was created by a first level representative of your silver network. Startingfrom the eleventh level up to the infinity – you get 5% ($ 6) from circulation of sales in this network.

– You get a 5% ($ 6) from the circulation of sales within the ten levels of golden network, which was created by a second level representative of your silver network.Starting from the eleventh level up to the infinity – you get 2.5% ($ 3) from circulation of sales in this network.

Premium for golden sales network.

When the sum of your sales within the silver network reaches $ 720 (six people in silver: two of them in the first level silver, the others in any sequence, not includingyour contract.) you are entitled to a premium for the quantity of sales in your own golden network. Up to this point, the number of sales is still accumulating – they do not disappear.

– You obtain a bonus of 20 – 27% ($24 – 32.4) on the basis of the number of sales within the ten levels:

            – Of your own golden network and silver line within your golden network.

            – Starting from the eleventh level up to the infinity it is about 10 – 13.5% ($12 – 16.2).

– The exact percentage rate and possibilities of its change.


– You get 2% ($2.4) from the sum of sales within the ten levels of the entire golden network, which was created by a representative of your own golden network (golden line of your golden network). Starting from the eleventh level up to the infinity – 1% ($1.2).

Premium for the organization.

You are entitled to receive a premium for the organization, reaching a sale circulation in particular month about the amount of$ 800. The basis for calculating this premium is the total number of network and retail sales, taking into account sales fromyour entire network in this particular month. While evaluating this award out of the sum of premiums for the organization, that were received from your entire network subtracted premium, obtained by the representative of the entire network from the nearest level of your network.  On the other hand, it is a product (multiplication) of the sum of sales circulation within your entire network for a month by a coefficient of premiums, according to deductive premium, received by the network of a representative from the nearest level.

> Coefficient of receiving the premium for organization varies from 1% up to 18.5%.

The agent may not receive the premium for organization in case he does not fulfill a plan for personal retail sales circulationin the silver network.

Premium for an agent being transferred to the next level – Passing by an agent to the next level occurs during the month, that follows the month in which he achieved a compliance with the requirements for the transition.

The agent, who has reached the status of “Board Member” and higher – has the right to fund:

– Guided tour (5%) accumulated amount of $ 2000.

– A purchase of a car (10%) accumulated amount of $ 10,000.

– A purchase of real estate (15%) accumulated amount of $ 30,000.

– A purchase of real estate in China (20-30%) – only for the agent possessing a status of “Star Hua Shen” and higher.

> The accumulated sum of funds is evaluated on the basis of the premium received for a specific contract number and is calculated monthly.

> If the distributor does not use the fund for its intended purpose, he is entitled to receive its equivalent amount in cash.

> After using the first fund (guided tour) the automatic accumulation of the second one (car) starts, then the third one(real estate) respectively.



Premium for retail sales.

– After signing the contract you get a 30% discount on all personal (retail) purchases.

– Selling goods that are not registered in the “Hua Shen” company by the users of a discount or surcharge is prohibited!

– Price set in the company’s price list is considered to be the same for all.

– Violating the rules of price policy is punishable by various sanctions, such as disqualification of a distributor or cancellation of the contract.

Each month, when the agent is entitled to a premium for “Tutorship” or higher (sales circulation in the network has exceed $ 2700) and with a condition that the agent fulfilled: the circulation in retail sales (mandatory personalpurchases) and the total circulation of sales in the silver network (number of contracts), he may get a premium forretail sales in his network respectively;

– 7% of the retail sale circulation within ten levels of its own golden network, including its own line of its own golden network.

– Starting from the eleventh level up to the infinity, the agent receives 3.5%.



Premium for the retail sale circulation for all representatives of each level of your own network is taken into accountwhen receiving premium for the organization.

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