Product Tag - Blood Circulation


Functionality of the program:

– stabilization of blood pressure;
– antiatherosclerotic action;
– normalization of rheological blood parameters;
– improvement of microcirculation;
– improvement of sleep quality:
– decrease in meteorological dependence;
– purification of blood flow;
– a decrease in the tendency to thrombus formation, angiospasm and venous congestion from the side of cerebral, renal vessels;

Arterial hypertension:

Diseases of the coronary arteries.
The initial stage – wristbands + map for the heart. Apply for 20 minutes 3 times a day, 3 months. At the time of adaptation of the body to biophotons, the prescribed treatment can not be canceled, after 2 months you can reduce the intake of antihypertensive drugs after consulting with a doctor.
In addition:
Nanometric glass (structured water) – contained in the body of water can be divided into two kinds of water: intracellular and extracellular .Poka the water will be able to get into the cells, it will be to clean them regularly and remove them from the products of cellular metabolism. Water, which enters the cells, retains potassium. When the water becomes too small for her to reach all the cells, they begin to draw in the extracellular water. This is the first stage of dehydration. This is the reason for the appearance of edemas, because the brain gives the body the command to increase the concentration of salt in order to keep as much water as possible. With further lowering of the water level, the body increases the osmotic pressure to increase the flow of water into the cells. This condition causes arterial hypertension. The rate of water intake is 30ml per 1 kg of body weight. The increase in water intake should be slow, and its rate should be adjusted in accordance with the release of urine. Light urine means that you drink enough water.
Particularly structured water is recommended for clients who have high blood viscosity, high cholesterol, excessive weight.

Application of 2, 3 times a day 20 minutes before eating (drinking hot sips).

Pollen – half the package in the morning and in the afternoon, after eating, during 4 months. Hypertension – after eating.