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Dimensions: L = 18 ~ 20/21 cm; XL = 21 ~ 23/23 cm


Therapeutic effect: biophotons contained in gloves emit biowaves 5-25 microns long, beneficial to humans, with the formation of high-amplitude oscillations similar to those receiving oral or injectable medication. This process causes a thermal reaction of the local bio-fields. As a result, blood vessels dilate, improving blood microcirculation, vascular tissues are supplied with sufficient oxygen and nutrients, stimulates metabolism, effectively lifted hand fatigue, increases immunity and regenerative capacity, eliminating the pain.

100% cotton, spraying bio-active nanomaterial

Health effects:

  1. Improve blood circulation in the hands, increase the body’s immunity, produce a hand massage to stimulate a good sleep, protects from many other diseases.

  2. Stimulate blood circulation, improve metabolism, relieve fatigue palms, eliminate pain, numbness in the hands.

  3. Protect from hypothermia, keeping you warm, retain moisture, odors, have an antibacterial effect

Indications for use:
1. A marked improvement in rheumatic and rheumatoid arthritis, swelling of fingers, long-term wearing of gloves is achieved sustained therapeutic effect.
2. Cured chills hands, numbness in the fingers, pain in the finger joints.
3. Disappear dry skin and cracks on the skin.
4. Accelerates healing of wounds on the hands, relieves pain and inflammation, accelerates the healing of joints without scarring.
5. With long-term wearing of gloves improves your skin.
6. Used to treat rheumatism, numbness of hands.

Instructions for use:

  1. Provide direct contact with the surface of the active elements of the legs.

2 wearing time for 30-45min (3 times a week the first day), for 1-2 hours (second week) for 2-4 hours (the third week), 4-6 hours a day (the best effect) on the fourth week.

  1. While wearing products with bio photons should be consumed as much water as possible.

  2. You can use these products during the period of medical treatment.

  3. Wearing in combination with other Huashen products have an amazing effect.

1. Wash at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C, using a neutral detergent.
2. Do not soak for long. Gently rub your hands in the wash.
3. The total period of service – 3 years (when the number of washes up to 400 times the greatest effect will be saved.)


1.If a pacemaker and heart failure begin to use the product with 5 minutes once or twice a day, 10-15 minutes -Third-second week.
2. Pregnancy.
3. High body temperature.
4. After brain surgery to complete healing.


The recommendations in our Medical resources:



The first time you wear Huashen products it is important to lie down or sit down and relax. Only in a relaxed state can you feel the effect of biophotons and determine how long you need to wear products daily. The slightest discomfort is a signal to remove the product.
Every 3 hours, put on the clothing item and repeat the procedure to test for comfort level. Remove it when you feel discomfort, gradually increasing the amount of time the item is worn according to your sense of well-being. Only start wearing the products at night after a minimum of 2 weeks of testing your comfort level, allowing more time as needed for the body to become thoroughly accustomed to the biophotons of each item.
Products above the waist — wear as described above.
Products from the waist down — at first wear up to a maximum of 30 minutes every 3 hours or 3 to 5 times a day.
IF it is recommended to use several products at once — rely solely on your feeling. Usually, it is best to start with just one product for at least a few days, then try another one by itself until accustomed to them individually, then add them together, increasing the amount of time worn depending on how you feel.
Once your body has become accustomed to the biophotons and you do not feel ANY discomfort, the product can be worn overnight. During sleep, your body will tell you whether or not to remove the product. You may even find you have removed it automatically during the night. This is normal. Thus, your body controls the use of the product. After a month, you may use an item for 24 hours, especially if contending with a serious illness.
With severe diseases such as epilepsy, arrhythmia, cerebral atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, angina —the duration of application of products is only 5 minutes. The rest is the same as described above.
Taking into account their experiences around the world, experts have deduced three stages of recovery using clothing with biophotons:
Stage 1: Symptoms leave, the pain disappears.
Stage 2: Aggravation. At this stage, many people get frightened because the symptoms of the disease appear to worsen. Often people take this as deterioration and make hasty judgments without consulting experienced practitioners. They stop using biophoton clothing, thereby returning to their former state.
General recommendation: Continue use, consult with an expert as needed, and reduce the daily duration of each use according to direction. Also, most importantly, reinforce support for purification (i.e., drinking structured water and herbal nourishing tea, taking baths, increasing rest, exercising gently).
Stage 3: The most important. During this stage, many stop wearing medical clothing because after passing through the first and second stages they feel better with symptoms alleviated. Perhaps they even visit a doctor and undergo a full examination indicating that they are healthy. However, after they stop wearing biophoton products for a period of time, the disease returns. Why?
Disease does not begin or end at the physical level. Scientists have discovered a DNA gene which is responsible for the information our cells store in memory. In order to defeat a disease permanently, it is necessary to erase the memory of

it on the cellular level. To do this, health practitioners recommend wearing biophoton clothing for three years. During that time they find that the information of the disease is erased and cellular memory completely transforms to a healthy state (Stage 4). If you skip this step, it is like cutting down a weed but leaving the root - it will grow again.
Achieving a desired result of complete freedom from disease generally requires the following timing for each stage:
Stage 1: 3 months
Stage 2: 6 months
Stage 3: 9 months
Stage 4: 1.5 years.
Reminder: Disease does not begin or end at the physical level. In order to defeat a disease entirely, it is necessary to erase the memory of it on the cellular level. To do this, you must wear biophoton clothing for three years.
After you start wearing the products if you notice additional problems or discharge - do not panic. Your body will improve immunity and begin to metabolize more intensively. Thus, it is able to self-repair. Normalizing function, the body rejects accumulated impurities during the cleansing process, excreting them in all possible ways including through nose, skin and eyes.
Liver recovery hurts. Remember this, and don't panic. Until you heal, after a period of noticeable improvement you may very well experience a period of compulsory pain.
Once immunity is improved, you will feel better. However this period does not last. As soon as immunity improves slightly the metabolic processes accelerate and immune defenders destroy disease microorganisms. Residual toxins eliminate into the bloodstream, nerve endings are washed by poor blood and signal the brain, and as a result nausea, headache, vomiting or pain can occur wherever problems exist. Don't worry, be patient!
Any organ that you treat will definitely hurt! The body has no other way of reporting to you that "the process has begun.” The longer the body was sick, the stronger pain could be. When discomfort stops and does not appear for over a day, and you feel better, recovery is imminent.
After the body has spent a lot of effort and resources (energy and protein mass) on self-cleaning, even partial, it needs rest. Maybe not a vacation but at least a short rest! So it signals to STOP all activity, relax and enable it to recover. With new vitality the body will again resume getting rid of old defects that prevent normal function. Thus, periods of relative ease will probably alternate with periods of discomfort.
Product Care:
• HAND WASH products with natural detergent.
• Maximum water temperature is 40° C, 104° F.
• Do NOT dry in the sun or near a battery.
• If products are used only during sleep - wash at least once a month.
• If the products are used around the clock - wash at least once a week.
• Products withstand 400 washes without losing their beneficial properties.
NOTE: Washing is necessary! Dirty products will not heal!

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