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Treasure Cup of life

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Treasure Cup of life

Product Overview

Huashen treasure cup of life is created from high grade eco-friendly active ceramic raw materials selected and processed using biophotonic material, medical and engineering technologies together with state of art technology for making nano ceramics.

Miniscule elements, such as TiO2, ZnO were combined with porcelain materials, processed through warming, solidifying and cooling by special equipment to make new nano-ceramic inner lining that promotes the activating function of the

top thus providing high-quality and healthy water for humans.


New nano-ceramic liner, enhanced water activity

The World Health organization (WHO) proposed that one of the standards of high-quality water is the presence of small water molecular group. The special nano material of Huashen treasure cup release bio-light waves, which resolve macromolecular cluster water (composed by 13-15 water molecules), thus accelerating human nutrient absorption, promoting metabolism, activating cell function and enhancing immunity. As the specific surface area of nano material was increased, the activation of cup was enhanced.

Highly active ceramic safeguards – the quality of water

Highly active ceramic liner is eco-friendly and free from lead and cadmium as tested by the international authorities. Its micro porous organization and developed pore structure has the function of removing chlorine, and peculiar impurities to ensure the safety and quality of water.


The treasure cup uses a scientific concept of resonance to improve hydration. The water we are exposed to is not as pure as we think it is. Research and experimentation conducted by Huashen proves to show that the water molecules carry residue and a multitude of acidic/basic chemicals; including filtered water (however it is in a lower concentration). The Treasure cup’s ceramic and biophotonic walls restructure water in such a way that the residual chemicals are removed from the solution. In the end, water is cleaner, and is broken down into smaller components, making it easier for the body to absorb more water and gain neutrients.

Topical Application

Continuing with the theory of ressonance, the treasure cup can also relieve pain in the body by simply being in contact with the skin. The outer walls are composed of biophotonic materials that resonate at a specific frequency, “x”. Impurities in the body resonate at a frequency of “y”. The treasure cup, when in contact with the impurity, dominates frequency “y” and naturally the two frequencies become equal. As a result, the frequency of the impurity changes to a healthy frequency of “x”, which is what the cup resonates at.

Essentially pain is mitigated drastically and the human bodies immune system begins to work more efficiently and better.

The Homeopathic Effect

The homeopathic effect is a wonderful scientific principle that the cup performs. Returning to the theory of ressonance, the treasure cup can purify fruits and produces such as cherries and raspberries (foods with liquids). Similar to the topical application, fruits can also contain impurities and vary in taste as we know. The better fruits that people generally prefer all have a similar pattern in their molecular sturcture. The pattern is that of which the treasure cup performs.

When fruits are placed near the cup, their molecules and domains line up parallel to the ones of the treasure cup. Then, in the quantum universe, the molecules in the fruits begin to resonate at the same frequency as the molecules in the treasure cup. Ultimately, the fruits taste better, sweeter, and riper.

Warm tips

Huashen treasure cup of life is recommended for:

1.Gastrointestinal disease: Gastrits, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, hyperacidity, dyspepsia e.t.c. Drinking water with Huashen cup of life strengthens gastric juice secretion, promotes gastrointestinal mobility and strengthens intestinal digestion and absorption. It also improves intesinal tract environment, balances intestinal flora and prevents gastric erosion by acidic substances.

2.Diabetes: Insulin secreted from the pancreas promotes blood glucose metabolism and production of energy. Water from Huashen treasure cup of life regulates the metabolism of islet cells and gradually normalizes the cells.

3.Cardiovascular disease: Coronary heart disease is mostly caused by the accumulation of fat in the coronary artery, which blocks the normal blood circulation. Water from Huashen treasure cup of life promotes fat break down and excretion, enhances oxygen supply to the cardiac muscles and restores its vitality.

4.Hypertension: Most hypertensive patients are considered “acidic” due to excessive fat and cholesterol which easily adheres to the walls of the blood vessel and narrows the volume. Drinking water from Huashen treasure cup of life eliminates acidic substances from blood, lowers the blood pressure and softens the blood vessels.

5.Constipation: The nano-water is highly soluble, enhances metabolism and faster elimination of toxins.

6.Cosmetics: the small molecular cluster of water is easily absorbed by the cells, restores the water content, mproves facial color, rough and dry skin, remove wrinkle and pigment and effectively eliminate color spot arising from water scarcity.

Health Guidance

Standard of healthy water:

Clean, free of pathogens, heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Contains the right amount of minerals and trace elements. Has a high conductivity, being weakly alkaline. Has small molecular cluster can be tested by NMR. The lower th Hz value, the smaller the water molecule cluster is, and the higher the water guality is. The test showed that the Hz value of water from the treasure cup of life is 66Hz.

The secret of long life:

WHO research on areas of longevity indicates a common feature among the populations i.e. drinking small molecular cluster water. This is also found in foods taken as: vegetables, fruits and grass. Furthermore cattle, sheep, chicken and other domestic animals feed on foods containing the small molecules clusters of water.

DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS FOR “TREASURE CUP OF LIFE” HuaShen develops, manufactures and sells nanotechnology products using natural healing herbs The HuaShen “Treasure Cup of Life” is an advanced biophotonic healing device, used primarily for converting water into finely micro-structured, “energized” water that is easily absorbed by the body for hydration. The Treasure Cup affects the water in such a way that it stimulates the body to balance its pH. The cup’s resonating frequency “informs” the DNA as needed, through drinking or application of the cup itself onto painful or dysfunctional areas of the body, in order to rejuvenate the body. Finally, in combination with HuaShen apparel, the cup may be used as a potent instrument of Homeopathy. Typically, water from natural sources (rain, ocean, rivers and streams), is micro-structured, energetic and highly absorbable, and contains health-promoting frequencies of nature, originating as sunlight. On the other hand, water from the tap or storage containers degrades or “denatures” into a large cluster molecular state, with a structure size up to 200 times larger than the size that can permeate the body’s cellular receptors. Simply put, unstructured water’s molecular arrangement is too big for the body to absorb. In addition, denatured water resonates at a frequency that is unhealthy compared to those frequencies that the human body requires. Using Treasure Cup for Hydration

  1. To begin, simply hand wash the Treasure Cup. Do not put the cup in a dishwasher, on a battery or magnetic device.
  2. Then, fill the cup with pure water, (i.e., distilled, purified by reverse osmosis, or spring water tested to be free from environmental toxins). It is important to use water that isn’t contaminated with microorganisms or isn’t compromised, such as commonly unfiltered/municipal city tap water.
  3. Next, place the cap on and gently tighten it. Then wait five to fifteen (5-15) minutes. HuaShen’s official instructions are fifteen minutes to ensure ideal completion of the structuring process, but five minutes is generally sufficient.
  4. Finally, open the Treasure Cup and pour the improved water into a drinking cup or glass for consumption. Do NOT drink from the cup itself. This ensures the water cup is not contaminated with substances other than water.

  Although the steps are simple, it may be important to follow these guidelines as well; if you meet the criteria: Anyone who is ill or advanced in years, begin drinking the structured water slowly, starting with as little as one quarter cup (1/4 cup = 2 ounces) three times a day. Even people who are not experiencing health issues may begin this way. This is because over decades and generations, acidic wastes, heavy metals or toxins of various kinds accumulate in various ways in the body. As they start to break down and come out, the toxins can cause “healing reactions” like headaches, flu-like symptoms, urinary issues, etc. Note: Increasing the amount of HuaShen water consumed causes a beneficial increase of oxygenation and nutrient delivery from improved hydration. Oxygenation may cause mild dizziness since the blood supply increases. However, this is normal and generally passes after a short time, but if it is a concern, simply reduce the amount of water consumed by half of the amount that it was increased prior to onset. So if increase was from ½ to 1 cup, decrease to ¾ cup for 2-3 days. Gradually increase use as desired, substituting other fluids with one cup of HuaShen water 3xs per day or more. Increase the amount of water by ½ cup every few days. Ultimately, the water may be consumed frequently and in quantities required, as indicated by the feeling of thirst, dry mouth or lips, OR (this is important for health!) at least half the body’s weight in ounces daily. Topical Application An additional benefit of the water cup is the ability of the body to make use of healing frequencies emitted by informative biophotons transmitting to the body’s cellular biophotons. The cup’s biophotons are naturally occurring in certain materials found in the plant and mineral kingdom. Human DNA is meant to interact daily with this natural information; enhancing and renewing the content of information in the cells continuously. Unfortunately, very few people are exposed to the frequencies of nature with enough variety and consistency to enjoy the health they might otherwise experience. HuaShen’s Treasure Cup provides a range of frequencies that cellular DNA is able to utilize to relieve inflammation, pain, and a host of other issues. Simply place a Treasure Cup (full of water) on areas that are symptomatic. Users report immediate beneficial changes, sometimes becoming pain-free in as little as five minutes. Because user reports vary, the effect for an individual is unpredictable. Note: It is best not to drink the cup contents after topical exposure to body conditions. The water inside may denature its frequency due to the symptom’s frequency. While there is no harm known from drinking the exposed water, it is safer to simply wash and rinse out the cup after topical use and refill, wait five to fifteen minutes to complete structuring process, then consume for hydration as described. The Homeopathic Effect The body can be encouraged to neutralize or counteract the causes of disease with a “homeopathic” process by being tricked that there is a hostile symptom, which causes the body to initiate more efficient healing techniques. Normally, the successful practice of homeopathy can require considerable experience, and, while unlikely to cause harm due to the extremely small dosage, can also achieve minimal results unless the exact remedy is determined. Now HuaShen’s “Treasure Cup of Life” allows a safe, effective practice of homeopathy in the home. To prepare a remedy, begin by wearing the appropriate HuaShen garment on an area where the symptoms occur that you desire to target for healing. Next, wrap the Treasure Cup with the inside of the garment fabric. Leave it on the cup for 30 minutes and then resume use of the garment as usual (see “Detailed Instructions for Use of Products with Biophotons”). The water in the cup serves as an energetic “mirror” for the frequencies representing the condition in the body. This is because garment biophotons become specific to the wearer. Wrapped on the cup, they transmit information to the cup’s photons, which convert into frequencies representing the user’s condition, but in a reduced, homeopathic version. This water can be taken as a safe remedy several times a day. The body will react in a natural way by initiating healing reactions (such as a commonly known fever for healing a cold), which can be reduced in pain or duration and increased in efficiency. Repeat the process with the garment and cup daily for best results because the body and biophotons are changing as healing progresses.

12 reviews for Treasure Cup of life

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great Cup!!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Не могу обойтись без неё! Беру этот термос, даже когда путешествую! Так надежнее! Как фильтр!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Золотая кружка Хуа-Шен стала источником нашего здоровья и очищения. Низкомолекулярная вода легко усваивается организмом.Пользуясь ею, мы стали замечать существенные изменения. Сон стал крепче,пропал синдром хронической усталости и улучшилось общее самочувствие.
    Большое спасибо за замечательный и качественный продукт!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Я использую стакан «Золото Жизни» компании ХуаШен для получения структуированной воды уже больше года. Хочу поделиться с Вами моим опытом, т.е. что мне даёт её употребление: исправляет мой метаболизм, активирует мою иммунную систему, уменьшает боль связанную с мочевым трактом, снижает уровень холестерола в крови. Я подумываю о приобретении и другой продукции компании ХуаШен. Что и всем советую.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Меня зовут Фаина, а живу я в Филадельфии. Я с успехом пользуюсь продукцией компании Хуашен около 2-х лет. Структуированная вода из стакана «Золото Жизни» повышает мой иммунитет и улучшает работу почек. Раньше я страдала под утро от судорог в ногах, просыпалась и не могла уснуть снова. Теперь я надеваю носки этой фирмы и сплю спокойно до утра. И ещё ноги становятся теплее. Самый любимый мной – это пояс. Он снимает у меня боль в спине и пояснице, расслабляет мышцы. Я страдаю от серьёзного сердечного заболевания. Использование «Карточки для сердца» значительно улучшило моё состояние. Я очень довольна и рада тому, что имею возможность улучшить моё самочувствие благодаря продукции ХуаШен.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Я очень доволен продукцией компании Huashen. Я пью воду из стаканчика Huashen. У меня диабет. Держу сахар в норме. Кислотно-щелочой баланс тоже в норме. Cпасибо большое.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Начала использовать продукцию Хуа Шен около 10 месяцев со стакана “Золото Жизни”.Реже стали беспокоить скачки давления,улучшилось состояние кожи. Очень хорошо помогает мне пояс при спазмах ног,облегчение наступает очень быстро.Я много хожу и в наколенниках колени практически не болят.Спасибо компании Хуа шен за чудо-продукцию Ольга Пичинини, Флорида

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Начала использовать продукцию Хуа Шен около 10 месяцев со стакана “Золото Жизни”. Реже стали беспокоить скачки давления, улучшилось состояние кожи. Очень хорошо помогает мне пояс при спазмах ног,облегчение наступает очень быстро.Я много хожу и в наколенниках колени практически не болят.Спасибо компании Хуа шен за чудо-продукцию

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Мы живём в уникальное время, когда совершаются очень много открытий. Одним из таких является уникальный Золотой стакан, который реконструирует воду, делая ее низкокластерной. Я пью ее уже шесть месяцев и чувствую, что эта живая вода наполняет меня жизненной энергией, здоровьем, даёт мне силу справляться с моими проблемами по здоровью. Поэтому я всем людям, кто ценит биологическое время, качественную жизнь и стремятся к долголетию , пить эту волшебную воду. Огромное спасибо за живительную силу этой воды. Так будьте же все здоровы и благополучны. А Золотой стакан вообще находка. Его вода полезнее, Чем водка.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Первое, я приобрела – это Золотую кружку, которая структурирует воду. Такая вода – это основа здоровья(улучшилось общее состояние организма и особенно желудка ) ??

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Долго присматривалась к кружке «ЗолотоЖизни»,не решалась на покупку , но кружка превзошла все ожидания . Очень полезная вещь ! Перемену в самочувствии я заметила через три дня пользования – абсолютно чистый язык . А через месяц возрастные полоски ногтевой пластины стали разглаживаться . Кожа приобрела упругость ,лицо стало светлее . Безусловно это результат общего очищения организма . Рекомендую всем !

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    У меня есть подруга самая лучшая, самая умная, самая талантливая, самая мудрая и самая мной любимая. Я перед ней склоняю голову и преклоняю колени за ее ум, великодушее и готовность придти на помощь. Других таких я не встречала и ей я доверяю полностью. Поэтому, когда я рассказала ей о своих проблемах, она сразу же приехала, очень помогла мне советом и делом. Помогла найти выход из трудного положения, подлечила меня. Вобщем поставила на ноги. А потом посоветовала взять Золотой стакан, рассказав о его свойствах. И я начала пить эту необыкновенную воду и моя депрессия отступила. Спасибо ей большое и всем другим, кто создал это чудо. С благодарностью. Мария Г.

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