Project Description

Humans thrive on the flow of blood. Without it, we are quite literally dead. We are a multi-cell organism, and for that we rely on our cells.

Doctors and professionals are able to analyze our cells through deep processes, such as needles or surgeries or other technologies. However, the most natural way to assess your blood is by your capillaries.

Capillaries are tiny blood vessels that are used to transport your blood cells to the near surfaces of your body. You may not be able to see them, however they are there… and they are very, very fragile. Easy bruising is an example of your capillaries breaking and releasing blood.

However bruising is not the topic here. Capillaries are one of the easy ways to assess your state, and unfortunately their size makes it difficult. However with a microscope you are able to see them. Huashen features free microscopic analysis of your capillaries in Arizona and New York. None the less, one fact we know is that due to the inevitable pollution of our world – though not fatal and too harmful – our bodies can do better with the right resources. Our capillaries show this by their movements and size.

There are 2 ways to judge your capillary health, on a general level.

  1. Their size
  2. Their movement

Their size depends on how much blood is in them. Of course too much blood is not good, so if you can see your capillaries with the naked eye, see a doctor. However, the difference between a non circulatory and a circulatory capillary can be seen through a microscope.

The movement is seeing them pulse and sway, showing that the blood is circulating. No circulation – or too much – are bad signs. However, we are alive as we are, we haven’t all used Huashen products yet, so its not too much of a worry. But this does mean your body is not at its full potential. Huashen products feature ways to improve your blood circulation to its pure natural level.

Biophotons do this by activating your cells and energizing them. Structured water gives your cells appropriate resources to stay energized and alive. All products, in fact, in their own way stimulate blood circulation. You see this in microscopic views through microscopes, immediately after drinking structured water or using our products for some time.